What Board to Bring to Alaia?


Alaia Bay Opening 2023


So, we’ve got a new menu of waves that are getting warmer and warmer with the perfect session is within reach, but what should you look for in your surfboard of choice for surfing in the pool – what board to bring to Alaia? The waves in the bay, while epic can feel slightly different from the motion in the ocean. With steeper takeoffs , more distinct sections, and more rapid acceleration – not to mention the lack of salt making everything less buoyant, your stick of choice will make a big difference to what you get out of your session.



The waves at the bay are generated from freshwater treated for hygiene – not the salty water that you’re used to riding in the ocean. This makes a surprisingly significant difference to your buoyancy, which if you find yourself undergunned can impact the efficiency of your takeoff.

The board you normally ride on good, sizable days at home might not quite cut it in the bay – particularly if you’re a more powerful surfer. So, if you’re a heavier surfer, it can be a good idea to go with a bigger volume board, just to counteract this lack of marine buoyancy – for example 33L instead of 31L.





While the change in buoyancy of the bay can mean that more volume is a good idea, this doesn’t mean that you should compromise on performance. The nature of the waves in the bay, particularly the more advanced settings mean that the takeoff can be steep, and you need as much agility as possible to complete maneuvers and ace those drops.

However, if you’re opting for a more cruiser experience , longer midlengths can provide a smoother experience as well as comfortability accommodate logs and learner boards.

So, here is our view on what board to bring to Alaia. However, everyone’s preference and experience can be different, and depends on the type of wave you’re after. If you have any questions about your session, feel free to reach out .