Handi Surf


Handi Surf is an adapted form of surfing that allows people with disabilities to participate in the activity.



The company’s ambition is to make surfing accessible to everyone, whatever their condition. Our aim is to pass on our passion for surfing to anyone motivated to try it out.



Some of our instructors are trained in surfing for disabled people. Whether it’s a mobility or mental disability, our team is competent and available to offer the best possible service in the safest possible conditions.
We can also organise lessons in Swiss-German sign language (DSGS).


The artificial pool allows you to surf in a safe, delimited, secure and controlled environment. We control several parameters (wave size, frequency and quantity).



The Alaïa Bay building is easily accessible for people with reduced mobility (access ramp). A lift provides easy access to the restaurant and terrace. The bathrooms (toilets and showers) are also adapted for people with reduced mobility. We are equipped with a beach wheelchair to facilitate access to the water for certain types of disability. An adapted board will also be made available by the instructors.



Simply send an email from our contact page or ask directy at our front desk. One of our receptionists will ask you to fill in a form for the instructor so that he can anticipate and prepare for your visit.

All you have to do then is pay the cost of the session, and Alaïa Bay will make the instructor available to you free of charge. Please note that Handi Surf sessions are subject to instructor availability.

Guide Dogs

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Alaïa Bay.

However, people accompanied by a guide dog are allowed access to the building (front desk, shop, restaurant, terrace). It will not be possible to access the pool area or changing rooms with the dog. There is a dedicated area where our four-legged friend can rest for the duration of the surf ! Please let our team know if you are coming with a dog. They will then be able to prepare to welcome you in the best possible conditions.