Technologie Wavegarden

Wavegarden Cove Technology

Wavegarden Cove Technology – The World’s Leading Wave Making System

Alaia Bay is powered by the revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology, which is the most versatile, energy efficient and highest capacity surfing lagoon in the world.

Capable of producing between 300-1000 quality waves per hour depending on the wave setting, the patent awarded technology is based on a modular electro-mechanical design that replicates the exact movement of water particles in ocean swells. The system pumps energy into the waves as they move forward to ensure they maintain a constant height for most of the ride.

Wave size, shape, power and frequency can be adjusted at the push of a button, simply by changing modes on the control desk software – a unique feature of this system.

With the potential to host around 80 surfers simultaneously in a safe and controlled environment, the surfing lagoon has a variety of different surf zones that offer ideal waves for everyone – from newcomers to professionals.

Technologie Wavegarden


Wavegarden offers pools of different sizes. At Alaïa Bay, the pool is of medium size in order to offer all types of surfing.

  • No. of engines : 46
  • No. of sqm of pool : 8,300
  • No. of waves : Between 300 and 1000/h depending on the type of session

Economic and environmental sustainability are primary considerations for the long term success of a commercial surf park. The Wavegarden Cove consumes around 1Khw per wave and part of the energy is recovered and reused. Comparability studies reveal that the Wavegarden Cove is, by a considerable margin, the most energy efficient system on the market – in some cases, up to 10 times more economical.

Wavegarden’s unique water treatment system is integrated into the lagoon to deliver crystal clear and hygienically clean water.

Choosing Wavegarden Cove technology has proven to provide a high quality experience for Swiss and European surfers.

Adam Bonvin, founder of Alaïa