A Temperature Guide to Alaïa Bay: The waves are back, but what to wear?


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From April 13th the waves are back in the Bay. We’re so excited to fill the pool with shredders again this Spring – it’s time to warm up for the season. However, surfing in a pool that see’s both ice and sun across the year can make it a tough call when deciding what to wear for your session. So, for all those wondering what wetsuit you’ll need to surf the Bay now we’re open, here is our temperature guide to Alaïa Bay.

Now for the brutal winter months, typically December, January and February Alaïa Bay is closed making sure there’s no need to brave the ice. So, let’s take a look what we recommend for what to wear when the waves are pumping during other months of the year.



As the sun begins to warm up the mountains, the waves return! Some years Alaïa Bay may open in March, others it’s not until April. So, what to wear to shred in Spring?

  • March: Throughout March temperatures average around 9 degrees Celsius. So pretty chilly. We recommend a 5/4 hooded suit, with 5mm boots and 5mm gloves. Full seal mode.
  • April: Here things are starting to warm up. Temperatures climb to averages of 12 degrees, so we say you can drop the hood, but keep the rest (5/4 suit, 3mm gloves and boots).



The bay thaws out in the Summer, reaching temperatures in the 20’s – you can surf comfortably in less gear.

  • May: Averaging 15 degrees, you can ditch the seal gear for a 4/3 wetsuit.
  • June/ July/ August: June, July and August are our warmest months, the water shooting up to around 22 degrees  – so you can ditch the wetsuit entirely if you prefer. We recommend a neoprene top and boardshorts, but if you’re on the colder side, you may want to stick to a 2/2 spring suit.



From September onwards the temperatures start to drop again, but it stays a pleasant temperature.

  • September: Dropping to around 17 degrees, we recommend upgrading to a 3/2 wetsuit, or even a 4/3 if you’re on the chilly side while surfing – you’ll still be comfortable without gloves and boots.
  • October: Temperatures begin to properly dip in October, averaging around 12 degrees. You’ll want to upgrade back to a 5/4 wetsuit with boots and 3mm gloves.
  • November: Down to a Baltic 7 degrees, you’ll need a hooded 5/4 wetsuit, boots and 5mm gloves to stave off the cold.

The information above are average temperatures. Before coming to Alaia Bay, we recommend checking the water temperature in the upper right corner of our website, to be sure you have the right wetsuit thickness!