News Sessions 2023



If you didn’t know it yet, the Malibu session is composed of 2 types of waves. They follow each other in an interval of 25 to 30 minutes, which allows surfers to evolve in the same session.


In collaboration with the Wavegarden team, the waves of this session have been reshaped. Experienced surfers will notice 2 main changes about the session although the size of the waves remains unchanged in order to remain accessible to intermediate surfers
• the waves are more dynamic, similar to the feeling of an ocean wave
• the shoulder of the wave will be longer, thus a longer duration of surfing.



The members of the Alpine Surf Club had already tested it in late 2022 in exclusivity. Alaïa Bay is now offering the the biggest “Turn” wave to all its customers, the “Mega Turn”. This new session has the same characteristics as the waves offered in the Advanced and Expert sessions: it is an ideal wave for fast carves and changes of direction. It does not have a tube section, but a drop and a long wall to make many successive maneuvers!


This session is limited to 8 surfers per side, as only 4 waves are launched for each set.


This session, like the Pro and Beast session, is only available to validated “Free Surf” customers.


So don’t wait any longer, book your place now before it’s gone!