New Cours Malibu


New Course Malibu

We are excited to announce the arrival of a brand new course: the Malibu Course!

If you’ve already had the opportunity to enjoy our Malibu sessions without instructional support, you can now enjoy two instructors in the water with you and all the equipment is included!


Who is this course for?

  • You already surf small waves on the side.
  • Your success rate is at least 80% on small waves.
  • You know how to accelerate, slow down and change direction.
  • You already have at least one year of experience or have taken more than three weeks of lessons at sea.


During this lesson you will work on various topics:

  • Surfing medium-sized waves.  
  • Learning how to choose the right equipment.  
  • Surfing the wave using an undulating trajectory.  
  • Gaining speed by exploiting the wave height.  
  • Introduction to the Bottom Turn, a fundamental surfing maneuver. 


Please note that the Course product and the Session product are two different products.

The Malibu Session product still exists of course.


Book your Malibu Course now by sending a request to

You can check the Malibu course schedule on our online calendar.

A supplement of + CHF 10 on your classic session will be charged at the time of booking by e-mail.


We look forward to seeing you riding the waves !

The Alaïa Bay Team 🌊