Kids Club 2022


You no longer have to go on holiday to the sea to let your children surf: Now there is a surf club for children and teenagers in the middle of the Alps! Every week, we make it possible for the children of the region to meet and develop their surfing skills together.


This year, the Kids Club adapts to the growing level of its participants and offers you the opportunity to develop in Beginner, Waikiki and Malibu sessions!


The Kids Club, what is it?

Every Wednesday afternoon, the Kids Club offers children from 8 to 14 years old the opportunity to discover surfing in a setting that encourages their development. They are supervised on a weekly basis by our coach Sergio, developing their surfing skills and sharing this weekly experience with other enthusiastic youngsters. And because we know that children learn quickly, we give them the opportunity to surf different levels as they progress: After they have proven themselves in beginner surfing, they can attend the Waikiki sessions and then the Malibu sessions after confirmation by their coach! And since every good activity needs to be supported, there is also a snack that can be eaten before or after the session.



When? Every Wednesday afternoon outside of holidays (April to mid-June – September to November).
Time? Malibu – 14:00; Waikiki – 15:00; Beginner – 16:00
For whom is it suitable? All children between the ages of 8 and 14
What’s included? A surf lesson and a snack.
What does it cost? CHF 99.00 / lesson


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