Free Surf 2023


Alaïa Bay introduces the ” Free Surf ” validation which offers several advantages to its holders.


To access the most powerful sessions, Mega Turn, Pro and Beast, it is essential to have surfed at least 2 Expert sessions or 5 Intermediate or Advanced sessions and to have obtained a manual validation by our team. After validation, you will be able to book online from your account all types of “Free Surf” sessions, without any restriction.

For a Free Surf session, we advise you to choose a wave level in which you are comfortable.
If you want to go up a level, we advise you to avoid doing it in a Free Surf session in order to get explanations on the waves and a placement help by the Host.


Another advantage is that “Free Surfers” are no longer required to attend the safety briefings that take place before each session. However, it is still recommended to attend a briefing after a long period of downtime, in order to refresh the safety rules and best practices during a session at Alaïa Bay.


Please note that a “Free Surfer” status is personal and non-transferable and that access to sessions can be withdrawn at the request of the staff in case of non-respect with safety rules and instructions.


If you have the required level, and you wish to take advantage of these benefits, do not hesitate to contact our teams to obtain your “Free Surf ” validation.