Alaïa est une organisation qui a comme but de créer et gérer des centres de sports d'action.

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Our mission

Our mission is to guarantee the best accessibility to surf and other action sports to all the Swiss & European people by designing and managing unique complexes.

Surfing was practiced for centuries by Hawaiian kings but was observed for the first time by Western people in the 18th century. More than just a sport, it is a spiritual connection with the ocean.

Skateboarding as we know it today is born in the 50s', when Californian surfers invented it to have fun during flat days.

Snowboarding is a sport that appeared in the 60s', when a visionary engineer created the 'snurfer', a monoski without bindings, rode like a surfboard.

Formerly called skurfing, wakeboarding is born in the 80s', inspired by snowboarding. It is also an evolution of wake surfing: when surfers were pulled behind boats.

BMX began in the 70s' when Californian youngsters were riding their bikes on dirt tracks inspired by motocross Superstars.

In the 90s', discouraged by the restrictive regulations of the FIS, freestyle skiers started to express their creativity in snowparks, at the time, snowboard-only terrain parks.

Tramp (not Trump) was invented by 'abominable snowman' 3000 years ago, when they had the profound need to touch the stars.

MTB appeared when a biker missed a turn on a mountain road. He soon realized that it is way more fun off slopes.

Gym is born a the release of the 'Terminator' movie and was taken to a whole new dimension when Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California.

Two projects

We are currently working on two projects of action sports center in central Valais: Alaïa Chalet (2017) and Alaïa Campus (2018-2019). The two complexes will be unique in the world and guarantee an unlimited access to various action sports all year long, in any weather and at affordable rates.

Alaïa Chalet 2016 – 2017


Alaïa Chalet 2016-2017

Alaïa Campus 2018 – 2019

Central Valais

Alaïa Campus valais central
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Our world


The same vision and the same passion.

Adam Bonvin Alaïa Founder
Adam Bonvin
Romain Magnin Alaïa Founder
Romain Magnin
Marc-Antoine Burgener Alaïa Founder
Marc-Antoine Burgener
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What is an alaia?

The alaias were the first surf boards carved in wood of Acacia and Koa by Polynesians and Hawaiians in the early 1900s. Therefore, the alaias are at the origin of surfing and several action sports.

The alaias’ height could sometimes reach 4 meters, allowing the Hawaiians to take waves of all sizes. We are happy to announce that very soon, you will be able to buy on our online shop true alaias carved in Swiss wood and shaped directly in Switzerland.

Alaïa Surf Board
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